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Bridget calls on PM to get priorities right

Bridget fighting for Sunderland in the HOC1Houghton and Sunderland South MP, Bridget Phillipson has challenged the Prime Minister at Prime Minister’s Questions to support those who are struggling to make ends meet after a member of his own Conservative Party came out in support of Labour's mansion tax.

North East Conservative MP, Guy Opperman wrote on ConservativeHome that he supported Labour's plan for a tax on properties worth over £2 million, writing:

"I have heard a lot about why a Mansion Tax is unfair on those it would hit. At what point did it become 'Conservative' to worry about those with a £2million house, before those struggling to pay a £100,000 mortgage?"

He went on to state:

"A bit of extra tax on properties over £2million seems perfectly fair to me." 

Speaking after PMQs, Bridget Phillipson MP said:

"I called on the PM to recognise its time for a change of direction. It's vital that the government has a more balanced plan to create jobs and boost growth, whilst bringing down the deficit.

"When times are tough, it's right that those with the broadest shoulders should be bearing their share of the burden. As part of Labour's alternative, a tax on properties worth over £2 million would help support a cut in the basic rate of income tax, support hard working families and bring growth back to our economy.

"Even the Prime Minister's own MPs are beginning to question the priorities of his government. It's about time he listens to them, and the millions of families up and down the country calling for a change."

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