Call on the government to support jobs and local industry at Nissan Wearside


Nissan on Wearside produces more cars a year than the whole of Italy and supports directly and indirectly over 30,000 jobs in the UK. Yet an answer to a recent question by Bridget Phillipson MP shows that not a single Nissan was purchased for the ministerial car pool.

Table 1: Ministerial cars purchased May 2010 to June 2014


Furthermore, 1/4 of the cars brought for ministers since 2010 were not built in the UK.

Table 2: Origin of ministerial cars purchased between May 2010 and June 2014


Bridget Phillipson MP has called on the Prime Minister to tour Wearside in her own Nissan to highlight why the government should invest in British manufacturing and back north east jobs.

The government is in the process of reviewing the future make up of the ministerial car fleet. There is now a chance to force the government to change course and support local jobs by buying Wearside made cars for government ministers.

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Campaign updates

Update 18/07/2014

Whitehall departments and their agencies announce intention to introduce over 150 plug-in vehicles. Read more here.

Update 18/07/2014

Bridget has written to the Prime Minister inviting him to see the work of Nissan in Sunderland.

Update 23/07/2014

Update 20.07/2014

Nissan not good enough for Government ministers?
"There will be few ministers who have turned up in the North East and not praised Nissan for its workforce, its export record or its electric cars.

"But it turns out even fewer, zero in fact, have put their money were their mouth is and bought a North East built car."[...] Read more from the Chronicle here.

Update 17/06/2014

Bridget uncovers evidence that not one the Conservative-led government's ministerial cars has been built by Nissan in Sunderland. This is despite the fact that David Cameron publicly praised Nissan’s UK manufacturing plant on Wearside, hailing their all-electric LEAF as an example of British excellence. The government has also admitted in response to a separate question that a quarter of all cars bought for ministers since 2010 have been foreign made. Read more here.

Petition_support_banner.pngI call on the Prime Minister to tour Nissan Wearside with Bridget Phillipson to highlight why the government should be backing north east jobs by buying Wearside made cars for government's Ministerial car pool.

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