Safer streets


Every single road death and serious injury is preventable. While car companies make their cars safer with ever more sophisticated features our bodies are still vulnerable.

Did you know that road accidents account for a third of accidental deaths among 0-14 year olds and over half of accidental deaths for 5-14 year olds? and that twenty cyclists were killed or seriously injured in our area between 2006-2011 and many hundreds more involved in accidents? We can change this, but Bridget needs your help. Sign up and support the campaign below

Campaign updates

Campaign update 23/07/2014 Transport Select Committee calls for leadership in making our streets safer for cyclists

The Committee recommend greater political leadership in supporting cycling, to increase take up and reduce injuries and fatalities on the road. Read more here.

Campaign update 21/07/2014 Campaign launched

Bridget launches her safer streets campaign. Sign up to support below.

Petition_support_banner.pngI want my area to be safe for everyone to enjoy driving, walking and cycling. I support Bridget Phillipson MP’s campaign to create an accident map and solution guide and ask the government and local councillors to work with her to implement it.

Goal: 14 signatures

Will you sign?

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