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Since 2010 Bridget’s Big Bus Campaign has highlighted the need for a affordable, transparent and accountable transport network for the whole of Tyne and Wear.The transport system in Tyne and Wear is deregulated - meaning bus operators can get the routes, the fares and the time tables to suit their business needs rather than the needs of local commuters. Bridget wants to change that by introducing a London-style form of regulation known as a Quality Contract Scheme. Such a scheme would enable councils in Tyne and Wear to force bus operators to conform to certain stares in punctuality, to maintain affordable fare levels, to maintain bus routes and provide job security for bus drivers and engineers.With your support, we can achieve an affordable, transparent and accountable transport network for everyone in Tyne and Wear. 

Campaign updates

Latest Update 03/11/2015 Bridget reacts to publication of QCS board report

After hearing evidence over the summer on the proposed QCS scheme for north east bus services, the independent QCS board has published a negative report that comes under fire from Bridget. Read more here

Update 02/02/2015 Bus cuts create passenger chaos

Bridget attacks Go North East for slashing bus services across the north east and the constant chopping and changing of vital bus routes in Sunderland. Read more here.

Update 23/10/2014 Victory for better bus services across Tyne and Wear

News that the North East Combined Authority has voted in favour of a Quality Contract Scheme for north east bus services, heralding victory for Bridget's Big Bus Campaign. Read more here.

Update 21/10/2014 MPs unite to call for better bus services

Full text of the letter sent by campaign leader Bridget and her eleven colleagues in Tyne & Wear outlining the reasons why the combined authority should decide to place bus services back in the hands of local councils. Read more here.

Update 21/10/2014 Chronicle: Buses are better in council hands, North East MPs tell combined authority

All twelve north east MPs have written to the North East Combined Authority calling for them to introduce a Quality Contract Scheme for local buses. Read more here.  

Update 20/10/2014 Sunderland Echo: MP tells Parliament of Sunderland workers' plight as D-Day approaches on London-style bus plans

Reaction to Bridget's Westminster Hall debate ahead of the crucial vote on a Quality Contract Scheme for bus services by the North East Combined Authority on 21 October. Read more here.

Update 20/10/2014 Bridget Phillipson MP calls for transport network fit for Sunderland businesses and workers

More on Bridget's speech in Parliament about transport in the north east, focusing particularly on the unsatisfactory service provided to key workers at the Doxford International Business Park. Read more here.

Update 15/10/2014 Westminster Hall debate on Transport in the North East

Bridget sponsors a debate in the House of Commons on the state of transport in the north east, calling for the implementation of a Quality Contract Scheme for local buses in the region. Read more here.

Update 19/06/2014 The Chronical: Minister Warns Councils their bus takeover plan is a race to the bottom

Regional affairs & Westminster correspondent Adrian Pearson covers a debate in Parliament on the future of Tyne and Wears bus transport network. Read more here.

Update 20/05/2014 Cutting fares and improving the quality of local bus services - the next front in the cost of living crisis.  

Writing for the Fabian Society, Bridget outlines why the next front in the cost of living crisis is tacking out failed bus network. Read more here.

Update 14/05/2014 1 in 4 north east buses don't meet the needs of disabled passengers

Figures uncovered by Bridget show that 1 in 4 buses operating in the north east have not been issued with an 4 buses operating in the north east have not been issued with a Public Service Vehicles Accessibility Regulations (PSVAR) certificate. Each certificate ensures that a vehicle meets a minimum acceptable needs for disabled passengers. Read more here.

Update 08/05/2014 Sustainability: How to improve local bus services

Writing the second time for the Fabian Society, Bridget sets out how improving local bus transport could transform our economy. Read more here

Update 12/03/2014 Bridget meets with local bus campaigners

Bridget meets with members of the Tyne and Wear Transport users group who support the introduction of a London-style bus network. Read more here.

Update 16/12/2013 Bridget comments on Kevin Maguire's coverage of threats from bus operators

Update 09/11/2013 Bridget spots a work of fiction on the side of a Stagecoach bus!

Update 05/10/2013 Bridget writes for Progress Online about the failure of bus deregulation

Update 05/09/2013 Have your say on bus plans

The Transport Executive, Nexus, have organised meetings across Sunderland to discuss commuters experiences and how to make out transport system better. Read more here.

Update 04/09/2013 The Guardian: Bus test case looms as Tyne & Wear seeks to wrestle back routes

Update 25/04/2013 Bridget Phillipson: "Big Bus Campaign will strive for real change"

Writing for the Sunderland Echo, Bridget outlines the next steps for the campaign. Read more here.

Update 21/03/2014 The Journal: Stagecoach prepares to take battle over North East bus routes to court

The Journal covers Bridget's campaign and her calls for the government to condemn Stagecoach's threat of legal action. Read more here.

Update 21/03/2014 Bridget & Stagecoach engage in a debate on Twitter regarding the future of buses in Tyne and Wear

Update 30/01/2013 Bridget calls on bus operators to do more for blind and partially sighted bus users

Bridget calls on bus operators to enable better access for commuters who are blind or partially sighted. Read more here.

Update 27/09/2012 Bridget's 'Big Bus Campaign' passes first hurdle 

The local transport authority meets to discuss creating a London-style transport system. Read more here.

Update 12/09/2012 Bridget Phillipson: "We have little to no say over bus services" 

In her column for the Sunderland Echo, Bridget outlines why we need more say over local bus services. Read more here.

Update 12/09/2012 "Cuts to bus services proves the need for a London-style Quality Contract Scheme" 

Bridget has written to the Go North East Managing Director calling on the company to re-think its plans to cut services. Read more here.

Update 02/08/2012 The Journal: MP Bridget Phillipson weighs in over bus routes row

The Journal set out Bridget's campaign for a better bus service. Read more here.

Update 16/04/2012 Bridget Phillipson: 'Expensive PR machines swing into action as bus campaign heats up'

In her column for the Sunderland Echo, Bridget outlines the strong response to her campaign from local bus operators. Read more here.

Update 07/03/2012 Why I support an accountable and joined up transport system

In her column for the Sunderland Echo Bridget sets out why she supports a London-style system of transport for Tyne and Wear. Read more here.

Update 24/03/2012 Bridget launches new campaign site

Update 21/12/2011 "Bridget says, bus deregulation has failed"

After the Competition Commission finds a lack of head-to-head competition between bus operators, Bridget says that deregulation has failed to deliver the level of service commuters deserve. Read more here.

Update 06/12/2011 Bridget says, Bus company is out of touch with the concerns of local people

Bridget calls on bus operators to recognise they need to change their ways. Read more here.

Update 15/05/2011 Local people make their voice heard

Bridget submits a report to the influential Transport Select Committee, which local bus users in Tyne and Wear have helped write. Read more here.

Update 28/04/2011 Influential Transport Committee asks Bridget for your views

The Transport Select Committee has called for evidence to help them investigate local bus services outside London. Read more here.

Update 24/03/2011 Better transport links will help our region grow, says local MP Bridget Phillipson 

Bridget has called on the government to hold a debate about the difficulties local people face in accessing local bus services. Read more here.

Update 24/03/2011 The Big Bus Survey' gets Government support

A government minister has praised the work of the campaign to bring about an affordable, transparent and accountable transport network for everyone in Tyne and Wear. Read more here.

Update 10/03/2011 Bridget Phillipson MP launches The Big Bus Survey

Bridget launches 'The Big Bus Survey' giving commuters the chance to feedback their experience of using buses and the services which matter to them. Read more here.


Petition_support_banner.pngI want an integrated transport network, which means traveling from A to B using one bus ticket - across bus operators calculating the best fare for me, I want a bus network that is secure and not prone to change with little or no warning, and I want to use a bus network that is accessible to everyone regardless of their physical ability. I support a better bus network.

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